Knife Clash IO - Blade Battle

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Engage in intense knife warfare in the arena of "Knife Clash IO - Blade Battle." Unleash powerful strikes to dominate your rivals and amass a formidable collection of knives. The more knives you gather, the stronger your attacks become, giving you an edge in the relentless clash of blades.

Conquer your adversaries:
Vanquish your foes by crushing them and seizing their knives to enhance your might. Employ strategic defense maneuvers to outmaneuver your enemies and emerge victorious in the knife war.

Mouse or Tap to move
• Initiate the battle by pressing the play button to match with opponents.
• Take command of your knives' direction to navigate the arena effectively.
• Consume smaller opponents to increase your size and strength.
• Gather all available knives to successfully conquer each level.

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